Welcome to the Dillo Project!

What is Dillo?

  • Dillo is a multi-platform graphical web browser known for its speed and small footprint.
  • Dillo is written in C and C++.
  • Dillo is based on FLTK, the Fast Light Toolkit (statically-linked by default!).
  • Dillo is free software made available under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPLv3).
  • Dillo strives to be friendly both to users and developers.
  • Dillo helps web authors to comply with web standards by using the bug meter.

Project objectives

    • The democratization of internet information access.
    • Personal security and privacy.
    • High software efficiency.

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Current version

Dillo follows an evolving software model where each new version should be better than the previous one; there’s no place for unstable releases, so just keep with the latest one: dillo-3.0.5. [download]

Current plans

The current plans section has its own page now
(also accessible from the left column’s top links).

Code contributions

If you plan to contribute to Dillo please take a minute to read through our New Developer Info. There you should find everything you need to know.



What have we been up to? For 3.1, we’re working on floating elements and an overhaul of widget sizing. HTTPS has moved from a dpi (plugin) into the browser, and work has been done to make it more trustworthy. We’ve added HTML5 character references, support for HTTP persistent connections, etc.

Dillo-3.0.5 has been released!

30-Jun-20153.0.5 provides: Image buffer/cache improvements to make dillo speedier, placeholder attributes for INPUT and TEXTAREA elements (today’s web is filled with INPUT boxes that are not otherwise labeled), better notification when user’s domainrc settings block page redirection (a message in the browser window instead of on the terminal), and an assortment of other fixes and changes.

Dillo- has been released!

24-Dec-2014This release brings fixes for:

  • linking with the new fltk-1.3.3.
  • making sure that windows are resizable with fltk-1.3.3.
  • not to load background images or permit redirection in --local mode.
  • a crash when searching from the address bar and no search urls are found in dillorc.
  • building on OSX.

Dillo-3.0.4 has been released!

09-Apr-2014We’ve added support for background images, improved image scaling, improved embedding into other applications, implemented optgroup, ins, plus some HTML5 elements, added web searching from the address bar, fixed compilation on hurd and irix, a white_bg_replacement preference, reap zombies, security fixes, other bug fixes…

Dillo-3.0.3 has been released!

17-Apr-2013We’ve added support for the CSS display property, fine-grained control over hyphenation, a domainrc mechanism to replace filter_auto_requests, UI color preferences, a keybinding to view source, a couple of text selection improvements, some form widget work, keyboard navigation improvements, better window titles, fixed bugs that cropped up, etc.

Dillo-3.0.2 has been released.

05-Dec-2011Highlights in this new release include:

  • HTTP digest authentication
  • More sophisticated handling of linebreaks and whitespace
  • CSS text-transform property
  • Locale-independent ASCII character case handling (fixes Turkic locales)
  • Bind Ctrl-{PageUp,PageDown} to tab-{previous,next}
  • If not following redirection, show body of redirecting page
  • Middle click on stylesheet menu item opens in new tab/window
  • Improved handling of combining characters

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