Dillo bugtrack engine

Welcome to Dillo project’s bug-track engine.
Really it’s more than just a bug-tracking system, it serves as a way of coordinating the different efforts that are taking place (and those that are waiting for). It’s a form of knowing who is working on what and when, and it also is a good information repository on current project status.
  • If you want to know what’s going on within the project, take a look at the engine and you’ll find out.
  • A ‘100%’ tagged job means the author finished his patch; ‘100% done’ means it was committed to the source repository   –You can also get it by the icons!
  • If you want to help, but don’t know where or what to do, check the pending jobs
    (or try getting the sources and doing ‘./srch todo:’ in the root directory).
  • If you feel like working on a bug that’s already being attended, feel free to email the developer offering your help.
  • This engine was designed to make it easy for developers to get in touch with each other, and to aid the project’s coordination effort.

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