Slides from the Fosdem 2005 presentation

We made the presentation and it was very interesting andentertaining. The slides were accompanied with “live demos” such as:

  • Streamed rendering of tables using a slow connection simulator.
  • Rendering of a 1.5MB page on a 233Mhz Pentium I.
  • CSS prototype doing streamed rendering (i.e. it applies the style sheet while rendering!)
  • Bug-meter test.
  • File browser demo.

The original slides are available as aMagicPoint presentation.Just download and unpack the tarball, and execute mgp dillo.mgpin the mgp directory.

The presentation can also be viewed as “no frills” HTML here

A special Thank You goes to the belgian companyMind and all thenice people who sponsored the airline ticket for Jorge!

LSM 2005: Dillo in Dijon

Yes, this year Dillo was also present at LSM 2005 in Dijon, France!

The conference was mainly the same we gave with Sebastian atFOSDEM, but this time I was the only speaker.This conference was the first place were the FLTK2-baseddillo prototype we’re working on was shown!

The good news is that avideo of the presentation is available.Thanks toMichael Opdenacker from Free Electrons. 😉

A big thank you goes for to the LSM 2005’sorganization for sponsoring and making this conference possible. Merci!