Future projections [Page 5 of 6]
Finish basic capabilities

  • Improve table rendering (some special cases need polishing) __Done!
  • Finish the design of the simple plugins extension (dpi1) __Done!
  • Use dpi1 to implement FTP, downloads, preferences and bookmarks __Done! (except preferences)
  • Implement some missing HTML tags __Advanced

Extensions for the short term
These haven’t fully started yet, but should pose no major trouble.

  • Cascading style sheets (CSS) __Done!
  • HTTPS (encrypted HTTP) –has a working prototype __Done!
  • Support for multiple languajes (UTF-8). This requires a port to FLTK-2.0 __Done!
  • Copy&Paste from the rendered area __Done!
  • Frames

A tentative timeline

Considering a working group of four experienced developers (core or steady)with high to full time dedication, for a period of one year, it canbe realistically expected to finish between 80% to 100% of thepreceeding tasks. That is, finishing both, basic capabilities and short termextensions.

The expertise of the working group is key to success, as experience hasshown that it takes around six months, for an already good developer,to acquire the necessary knowledge to start producing top quality code thatintegrates smoothly with the general design.

Note: the timeline reduction from two, to one yearresults from updates on current progress.


Dillo already shines on:

Documentation browsing

With a snappy response, it certainly is an excelent tool for consulting manuals, documentation and any kind of information provided in HTML.

Local file viewing

Making a small library of saved web pages, images or plain text, and a good directory structure is all that’s required for building a easily browseable repository.

Searching the web for specific information, or research

The excellent networking speed, side by side with fast rendering makes of Dillo a very powerful tool for searching, skimming, going back and forward, making new queries, saving interesting pages, etc. That is, a very fine tool for web information hunting.

News reading

With its clean fonts, and soft background its very nice for reading those sites that update daily (as newspapers or news sites).

– –


In the future, with the improvements mentioned in the two year plan, Dillo would be ready for:

  • Information consulting with PDAs (handhelds)  __Working!
  • Secure (encrypted) operations
  • Serving as an API for simple applications (dpi1)  __Done!
  • Serving as a common interface for embedded systems applications (real-life example!  more...)
  • E-commerce transactions
  • Online banking

Note: the last two items would require a site design that doesn’trely on a scripting language. That is, built upon HTTPS, (X)HTML, forms,cookies and server side processing.