How to Choose a Software Development Company

Choosing the right software development company is a responsible but challenging decision, so our Codica team prepared this helpful article to help you avoid the most common mistakes when selecting a contractor. 

Where to look for a top software development company?

To find a software development partner, you can consider popular and trusted review websites, such as Clutch or Goodfirms. These sites take seriousness in checking reviews and have an impressive database. 


Furthermore, you can turn to social networking sites. For example, on LinkedIn, you can post requirements and seek suggestions from your connections. Also, on Facebook and Twitter, the businesses are openly discussed. Moreover, you can turn to Behance to discover excellent portfolios of the companies.


You can also attend IT conferences and networking events or just use Google to find the right company for you.

How to choose a software development company?


The best way to evaluate an agency is by looking at its website, says Codica. You can research past projects, read about their philosophy and development approach, and find contacts to connect with them.


Check out their website to see if they’ve worked on projects like yours. Find out how long the firm has been on the market and what its most significant achievements are. Find out for which brands they have delivered software products. Also, check out their case studies and testimonials on their website. They give you more information about your potential contractor.

Tech stack – the fewer, the better

A technological stack is a complex combination of programming languages, software tools, and a range of frameworks used to build a digital project.


It is better to choose to favor proven and well-known technologies. Proven solutions are more reliable than new ones, the implementation of which will require additional time and effort. However, it is worth remembering that clearly outdated technologies are also not the best option. They can reduce the effectiveness of the application and lead to difficulties associated with technical support.


An experienced development company will help you avoid making a mistake in choosing a technology stack. Usually, they have a specific technology stack that has already proven its effectiveness for clients.

Process and communication routine

A top software development company always provides transparency in communication with a client. You should be up to date about the status of your project, get the status reports, and be aware of all the working processes. Consider whether you want daily or weekly status reports from the development team.

Partner chemistry

You should ensure that you and your software development provider are on the same wave and can work together effectively, says Hackernoon. Communicating well, having mutual understanding, and having the same values are essential. It is vital to have on the board a respectful and professional team. Thus, you will have an easy, smooth, and successful work relationship.

Pricing model

You need to understand that the development companies cannot say in the first communication how much the software will cost exactly; they may say just the approximate price. To estimate the total cost, it is necessary to draw up a technical task and get acquainted with the characteristics of the solution, the market, and the customer’s requests.


By the way, you should not look for the cheapest services because there is a risk that the project will be of poor quality. Perhaps you ask, is there a difference in price if you order website development in the USA or in Ukraine? Surely, the price significantly varies in accordance with the location of the provider. If you opt for development in the United States region, the prices will be quite high, while in Eastern Europe, you can find much cheaper services. 


A credible software development firm should provide the warranties. The specialists should provide help with any broken links that are required fixing and help with errors and loading problems. The experts should help when your solution is not displaying correctly in browsers as defined in your contract. Also, the company must offer assistance when the product functionality is not working correctly.

Questions to the company (checklist)

Ask your development partner the following questions to confirm you are turning to the experienced software development team:

General questions

  • What services do you provide?
  • Can you show me your portfolio?
  • What team will be developing my project?
  • How will you assist me in achieving my goals?
  • What can I expect from my delivered solution?

Technical questions

  • What technologies do they apply to build your software efficiently and competitively?
  • How long has the agency worked with the tech stack picked for your project?
  • How do they adapt to modern trends and technologies?
  • Are their software projects aligned with search engine requirements and the newest technical standards?
  • How do they guarantee security for their software projects?

Business questions

  • Do you charge by hourly, milestone, or a fixed fee?
  • What is the end-to-end expected cost?

Process questions

  • What’s your research process like?
  • How long does one software development project need to build from start to end (see here)?
  • What is the project timeline?
  • How will I be involved in the development process?


Choose your contractor that will develop, support, and scale your project carefully using our recommendations. And be sure that with a reliable and skilled firm, you will receive an attractive, responsive, and fast-loading solution according to your needs.