Namespace List

Here is a list of all namespaces with brief descriptions:
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 Ndw Dw is in this namespace, or sub namespaces of this one
 Ncore The core of Dw is defined in this namespace
 Nstyle Anything related to Dillo Widget styles is defined here
 Nui Anything related to embedded UI widgets is defined here
 Nfltk This namespace contains FLTK implementations of Dw interfaces
 Nmisc Miscellaneous FLTK stuff
 Nui FLTK implementation of dw::core::ui
 Ntablecell Provided some common implementations of virtual widget methods
 Ncontainer This namespace contains a framework for container classes, which members are instances of object::Object
 Ntyped This namespace provides thin wrappers, implemented as C++ templates, to gain type-safety
 Nuntyped The container classes defined here contain instances of object::Object
 Nidentity Some stuff to identify classes of objects at run-time
 Nmisc Miscellaneous stuff, which does not fit anywhere else
 Nobject Here, some common classes (or interfaces) are defined, to standardize the access to other classes
 Nsignal This namespace provides base classes to define signals
 Nunicode Stuff dealing with Unicode characters: UTF-8, character classes etc