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Dillo-3.0.1 has been released!

Dillo-3.0.1 brings improved privacy, never sending or accepting third-party cookies. Also, the UI theme can be changed, keys can be set for paging left/right, and you can disable the dialog that pops up when quitting with multiple tabs/windows open.


Dillo-3.0 has been released!

In Dillo3, we have shifted from fltk2 to the fltk-1.3 series. The experimental status of fltk2 had kept Dillo2 out of a number of distributions, but fltk-1.3 has already seen an official release, clearing the way for dillo to return to all of these distributions and bring safe lightweight graphical browsing to those users.

Using fltk-1.3 also means that OSX users can run dillo3 on Cocoa.

Some other interesting changes:

  • Default binding for close-all changed from Alt-q to Ctrl-q.
  • Default binding for close-tab changed from Ctrl-q to Ctrl-w.
  • Default binding for left-tab changed to Shift-Ctrl-Tab.
  • Rewrote the User Interface: much simpler design and event handling.
  • Added on-the-fly panel resize (tiny/small/medium and normal/small icons).
  • ‘hide-panels’ key action now hides the findbar if present, and toggles display of the control panels otherwise.
  • Allow multiple search engines to be set in dillorc, with a menu in the web search dialog to select between them.
  • Added an optional label to dillorc’s search_url.
    Format: “[<label> ]<url>”
  • Add right_click_closes_tab preference (default is middle click).
  • Allow binding to non-ASCII keys and multimedia keys.
  • Avoid a certificate dialog storm on some HTTPS sites (BUG#868).
  • Enable line wrapping for <textarea>. (BUG#903)
  • Avoid double render after going Back or Forward (it takes half the time now!)
  • Implemented a custom tabs handler (to allow fine control of it).
  • Rewrote dw’s crossing-events dispatcher (avoids redundant events).
  • Fixed a years old bug: stamped tooltips when scrolling with keyboard.
  • Fixed a border case in URL resolver: empty path + {query|fragment} (BUG#948)
  • Cancel the expected URL after offering a download (BUG#982)
  • Eliminated a pack of 22 compiler warnings (gcc-4.6.1 amd64)
  • Removed ‘large’ option of panel_size preference.
  • Removed –enable-ansi configure option.
  • Limit saved cookie size.
  • Wrap image alt text.
  • Added support for CSS adjacent sibling selectors.
  • Fix redraw loops and reenabled limit_text_width dillorc option.
  • Collapse parent’s and first child’s top margin.


Dillo-2.2.1 has been released!

This is the final release of Dillo2, which depends on the moribund FLTK2, and the big news is that Dillo3, a port to FLTK-1.3, is expected to be available in a matter of weeks! FLTK-1.3 is actively developed, and 1.3.0 was released last month.

As for new features, some highlights are: more CSS properties, cookies changes, and handling of page source now uses a DPI (plugin).


Dillo-2.2 has been released!

In this release, you will find: a major overhaul of the cookies subsystem including important security fixes, a reimplementation of the Dillo Plugin (DPI) API, a configurable HTTP connection limit, improved CSS, and plenty more.


Dillo-2.1.1 has been released to provide a security fix for malicious images. A few small improvements in CSS, key bindings, etc., found their way in as well.

Thanks go to oCERT for bringing the matter to our attention.


Dillo-2.1 has been released!

This release comes with a major improvement: basic CSS!

The assorted goodies (e.g. configurable keybindings) are summarized in the splash page (about:splash), and extensively detailed in the ChangeLog.

If you like what you see in this release, and want to see the Dillo project thrive, please help us. We need developers.


Website appearance updated, plus new banner and palette idea by Ken Lee.


Dillo-2.0 received a 115 EUR donation from distrowatch!
Thanks to the people who appreciate Dillo and help us to move it forward.


Dillo-2.0 has been released! Today, after a long period of inactivity, a new release was made. It’s been a long way and this dillo-2.0 release comes with a boatload of improvements.

In dillo2, you will find: tabbed browsing, antialiasing, different character sets, accepting compressed pages, control over image loading, smaller footprint, near 50% smaller memory usage, fewer dependencies, better table rendering, bugfixes, improved GUI, among others!


The Dillo project is frozen:

  • Frozen, waiting for funds or sponsorship.
  • Looking for interested developers that want to work steadily on it.
  • Both core developers have regular jobs and have almost no spare time.
  • We have a very advanced port of Dillo to FLTK2.

A web browser is too complex a task to develop on a part time basis, and it also is a fast-moving target. I dedicated seven years full-time to it, and I’m willing to dedicate more. This doesn’t depend on me anymore as I had to take a job to pay the bills. We made great achievments with Dillo and it would be easy to quickly push FLTK2-Dillo if we could have both core developers working full time on it. This is a tiny deal for some sponsors (e. Cell phone maker), and we wish it could happen soon. Through this time we’ve been supported by individual’s donations, and we thank them indeed for believing in our project and to help make it grow to what it is.

If you as a reader, or user, or interested party have a good idea, sponsorship or development time to devote, please don’t hesitate to contact me to try to arrange for the future of Dillo.


Dillo-0.8.6 was released. This is hopefully the last GTK1-based Dillo.

You’ll find plenty of fixes and improvements in this tarball. Most notably on downloads. Just check the Changelog.

OTOH, our FLTK2-based branch is advanced enough to aim on making our next release with it.

When? This depends on funding.


0.8.5 was released with some minor fixes, most notably a couple of security fixes. Upgrade if you haven’t already!
This release is one of the last on the GTK1-based Dillo series. Currently the main development is focused on a FLTK2-based dillo prototype. If everything goes as planned, and no critical bugs are found, this new branch will become our next release! (stay tuned).


Today, two and a half months after the former release, the newdillo-0.8.4 was released!

It comes with several goodies. The most remarkable is the fix ofa memory leak bug that can lead to reduced virtual size memory usage bya factor of 2 to 20 on average! (this depends on usage, pthreadslibrary and OS).

The other big improvement is the ortogonalization of the parser. Thisbrings several benefits detailed in the Changelog.

Finally, among the usual enhancements and improvements,a security bug was also fixed.

Our advice is to upgrade ASAP.


After a long period of work, the new dillo-0.8.3 was released today.

It comes with a parser that’s able to use W3C’s semantics plussome heuristics. This improves the rendering of sites thatdeliver non-valid HTML. It is expected to provide for betterresults than the venerable dillo-0.7.3, while keeping the usefuldiagnostic messages of thebug meter.


Just out of popular demand, adonations linkwas added. This may give us the opportunity to work full time on Dillo, andthus keep improving it at a much faster pace.

All the plans, required knowledge and will is there (i18n, antialiasing, better rendering,frames, https, FLTK, more plugins, …), but we _need_ to be working on itfull-time, to keep with the pace of the evolving technologies.


The new dillo-0.8.2was released today. C’mon, go get it!
Except from the usual bug-fixes and improvements, some new features snuck in.One nifty feature is the save and open file dialogs remembering the last directory opened. Also, a “start_page” option in the preferences so that you may override the splash screen.


0.8.1 is finally here. After extensive testing on several platforms(see compatibility),it is no longer alpha SW but verystable beta!.

This release comes with better HTML rendering, mainly dueto the improved html-parser.

The bug meter wasalso enhanced as a direct result from the improved parser. We hope it will serve even better the already satisfied webauthors that use it to check and correct the HTML in theirsites. –Thanks for the feedback and for adhering thestandards.


0.8.0 has been released! A major milestone that comes with the largest Changelog ever! It has lots of improvements and advances, and also features the new bug meter.

Did you know that the Yopy 3700 ships with dillo inside?


0.7.3 has been released! It comes with improved performance, important bugfixes and a new set of toolbar Icons!


Kyle gently prepared a script to translate your mozilla bookmarks to dillo.


The long awaited 0.7.2 release was made. It comes with Copy&Paste!

Dillo is getting into a second stage in its development life. We’re very close to doing: HTTPS, FTP, downloads and more!

We only need to get some funds, settle the core working group, organize the job, and quick results will feed the line!


A BugFix release was made ( It solves the problem ofdissapearing bookmarks among other things. Please upgrade ASAP.


Dillo 0.7.0 is finally out! Get it while it’s hot!
This release is a major milestone. It features the new plugin framework: a gateway to extend dillo and to interface with external programs. (It is not compatible with other browsers’ plugins.)

Dillo plugins (dpi) allow extending the browser without increasing its core size. It even allows using dillo as a GUI!

We also made this dillo embeddable! All the rendering and surfing capabilities can be used from another GTK+ application. For instance, check this screenshot from the sylpheed-claws email client.

Now dillo does IPv6, highlights found text and uses a plugin program to manage its bookmarks.

Some other very nice features and improvements include:

  • Added a simple command line interface, and enabled some options.
  • Improved alignment inside tables:
  • Made dillo embeddable into other GTK+ applications.
  • Concomitant Control Chain (CCC):
    • Extended the theory to allow bidirectional message passing.
    • Reimplemented dillo’s core with the new chains.
  • Input/Output engine (IO):
    • Extended the functionallity with a threaded operation that allows buffered writes of small chunks on the same FD.
    • Created a new IO API, and adapted dillo to it.
  • Used the new CCC and IO to implement dillo plugins! (dpi).
  • Wrote a dpi-program for bookmarks.
  • Added IPv6 support! [./configure –enable-ipv6]
  • Rewrote findtext with highlighting and a case-sensitive option.
  • Added a tiny warning/handler for meta refresh.
  • Lots of other enhancement and fixes. Check out the Changelog!


Dillo has moved again, and is now hosted at wearLab.


A new, updated patch for russian encodings was added to theLinks section.


The first dpi-enabled dillo is available for developers! Just follow the CVS link, grab the tarball, read the docs and get started.

[15-Aug-2002] Extra! Extra! Read all about it! 🙂

Dillo has recently been mentioned in this arcticle from LinuxJournal. Plus, we have been collecting other Dillo mentions, articles and reviews. You can check them out in our Press page.


A new bug-fix release is out. The main fixes were on cookies.

Note: Dillo has cookies absolutely disabled by default, so if you want to enable them, go to the help page.

[26-Apr-2002] Finally, after a lot of work, Dillo 0.6.5 has been released!

Some of the nice changes include:

  • Support for Cookies!
  • Improved *BSD detection/configuration code.
  • Fixed some leaks and several segfault sources.
  • Reimplemented the cache index with a hash.
  • Allowed enterpress to submit single text-entry forms.
  • Added support for missing Content-Type in HTTP headers (most notable for ebay).
  • Added support for rendering adjacent <BR>, Tabs in <PRE>, and linebreak handling.
  • Bound the space key to PgDn, and ‘b’ | ‘B’ to PgUp.
  • Added the following options to dillorc:
    • Fontname selection
    • Force submit on enterpress
    • Generate missing submit buttons
  • Lots of other enhancement and fixes. Check out the Changelog!

[19-Apr-2002] We have put together some nice eye-candy for you!

The screenshots page was redone and there are some nice shots of varied ~/.dillo/dillorc options. Also we have a new Icons section where you can see different Dillo toolbars, and download a pixmaps.h to add to your Dillo!

[04-Apr-2002] Dillo has left and won a brand new home page!

For various reasons, the Dillo team has felt that is not a good place for our development anymore. Now the people at CIPSGA has offered to host our site, CVS and e-mail groups. We thank them!

[18-Mar-2002]   Introducing the new patch: Cookies! in Dillo CVS!

[29-Jan-2002]   Dillo 0.6.4 has been released! Changes include:

  • Implemented remembering of page-scrolling-position!
  • Implemented text alignments (except CHAR).
    • Extension of DwStyle and DwPage.
    • Applied it on “ALIGN = {LEFT|RIGHT|CENTER}” for <hr>, and “ALIGN = {LEFT|RIGHT|CENTER|JUSTIFY}” for <p>, <hN>, <div>, <td> and
    • Implemented <center>
  • Added ‘force_visited_colors’ to dillorc. It asserts a different color on visited links, regardless of the author’s setting.
  • Added support for several domains in dillorc’s ‘no_proxy’ variable.
  • Lots of bug fixes and improvements. Here the complete ChangeLog!

[23-10-2001]   Grigory Bakunov has created a site for non-official patches! If you have a non-official Dillo patch, you can insert it automatically.

[16-10-2001]   Dillo 0.6.2 has just been released Changes include:

  • Added back and forward history popup menus!
  • Temporary handler for frames! (lynx/w3m style)
  • Support for <big> and <small> tags.
  • Warning messages for unsupported protocols.
  • Lots of other enhancement and fixes. Check out the ChangeLog!

Aug 4, 2000

* Released dillo-0.2.3.tar.gz
* We have full documentation now!

Jul 27, 2000

* Added a screenshots link to the site

Jul 9, 2000

* Released dillo-0.2.2.tar.gz
* Several improvements, most notably forms; upgrade ASAP! (please also read the Changelog)

Jun 20, 2000

* The server has been down for three days, and I really hate to loose your emails, so please resend them to

Jun 17, 2000

* Released dillo-0.2.1.tar.gz
* Updated the Web site and moved it to sourceforge
* Added extensive documentation within the tarball (doc/ directory)
* Made a freshmeat entry!
* Announced to comp.os.linux.announce

Jun 5, 2000

* Updated the Web site

Jun 2, 2000

* Released a new tarball (dillo-0.2.0.tar.gz) –Just check the Changelog!

Apr 20, 2000

* Moved the site to a new server

Apr 4, 2000

* Updated the Curent plan
* Added a download link
* Announced Dillo to gtk-app-devel-list

Mar 30, 2000

* Released a new tarball (dillo-0.1.0.tar.gz)

Mar 9, 2000

* Released a new tarball (with developer documentation!).
* Updated Current Plan

Feb 3, 2000

* Released a new tarball with several notorious improvements
* Started documenting Dillo Widget (outside the source)

Jan 13, 1999

* Planning to add a third stage to the Naming&Coding effort
This one would be for function comments in the whole code –it’s impressive how much help those litle tags provide.
* Tested Dillo on a SparcLinux machine! (OK)
* Fixed Dillo to run on glibc1 systems (Tested with Slackware 3.6)
* Added a Plan to this page, see below

Jan 4, 1999

Released a new tarball

Dec 30, 1999

Updated the web site, wrote new patching directions, updated the bug-track engine, incorporated several patches, and currently planning a new tarball release.

Dec 18, 1999

Naming&Coding, Stage 2, is finished, completely!!!